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The Importance of Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

20 Dec speakeasy 0 Marketing

It’s the end of the year. Have you hit all your marketing goals? If not, the new year is for regrouping and coming up with a new plan with fresh strategy and tactics to crush it. Take a look at what happened over the past year. Figure out what you can improve upon in the coming year and how you’re going to hit your goals. If you struggled with goals last year, maybe your initial strategy was off. Every great marketing campaign starts with a solid marketing strategy no matter the size of a business. Marketing without strategy is like going on a cross-country road trip with no map – it’s probably not going to go well.  

Why your small business needs marketing strategy

Setting goals: What are you trying to accomplish with marketing? This should be square one in your marketing plan. Setting a few challenging, yet attainable goals gives you something to work toward. It will also allow you to strategically plan your method of attack and keep you on track throughout.

Target your audience: A crucial part of marketing is knowing who you’re marketing to. It’d be insane and fruitless to try and cater your product or service to everyone. Not everyone is going to need or want what you’re offering. Knowing who you’re talking to will shape how you do things, what language you’ll use, and what medium you’ll use to deliver the message. A great way to find out who you’re talking to is look at your loyal customers. Find out what resonates with them, and you’ll know where to start when planning tactics.

Organization and structure: Say what you will about meticulous planning, but in the end, a thorough plan is what is going to hold you and your team accountable to get the job done. You have your goals, so how are you going to get there? Lay out the steps you’ll have to take with what tools, who will do each step, how much money you’ll spend, etc. This strategizing is a big and necessary step in your marketing campaign.

Budget: For small businesses, budget is everything. With your goals in mind and a clear vision of the actionables that will help you reach those goals, there should be no surprise expenses along the way. Marketing strategy allows you to allocate your resources accordingly and plan for any possible surprises.

Clear message: With marketing campaigns, your whole team should be working together toward the common goal – even if they’re not marketing people. If everyone in your business knows what you’re working toward, then they can alter the way they do things to contribute to your goal. When communication is clear and everyone is on the same page, your goals become much more attainable.

It might seem easier and faster to get right down to the actionables that will be seen by your customers and potential customers, but all tactics and no strategy make for failed marketing. That’s why strategy is so important. Setting goals, creating a structure, and following a plan is what’s going to push you across the finish line.

You have what it takes crush marketing strategy for your small business. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, join us for an in-person class: Digital Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners. You’ll learn the basics of digital marketing and how you can get started with a marketing plan. See upcoming digital marketing classes in Philadelphia.

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