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Google Analytics for Small Business

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  • Did you know Google Analytics gives you powerful insight into how your company is performing and how to improve? You just need to know where to look! Come to our Fishtown office and sit down with our Google Analytics professionals as we break down key information that will help you grow your business. You won’t find a class like this anywhere else in Philly!

    Course Highlights

    Set-up and Anatomy

    Navigating Google Analytics is not for the faint of heart. First, we will walk you through the proper way to set up your account. Then, we will explain the basic anatomy of your account, so you know where to look for what information.

    Filters and Segments

    These are two great ways to really narrow down your data to give you more specific insights. Filters allow you to remove data you don’t want included in your analytics, and segments allow you to zero in on specific data already registered.

    Goals and Campaigns

    If you know how to set up goals and campaigns in Analytics, you’ll gain insight into what your prospective customers respond to, allowing you to use this information to make better performing marketing campaigns and decisions.



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