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Google Ads 101

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  • Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, makes digital ad buying accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes, but it can be a little overwhelming to get started. Come to our Fishtown location to sit down with our Google Ads certified instructors, and learn about how to set up your account, link it with Analytics, and rev up your business with Google’s powerful advertising platform.

    Course Highlights

    Account and Campaign Set-up

    Getting your first set of ads up and running can be daunting. We walk you through the process from sign up to campaign launch. You can have your ads submitted and ready to go before you head home.

    Research and Planning

    Google Ads offers powerful tools for finding and capitalizing on advertising opportunities. We will walk you through how to use the Keyword Planner, Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool, and forecasting tools for display ads.

    Measuring and Reporting

    Running a campaign is one thing, but knowing how it performed is just as important. We will show you how to generate and read a report on your campaign’s performance and help you understand what the different metrics mean.



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